ATM waives out of network surchage by selling ads

If you’re like me you would go five miles out of your way to an “in network” ATM just to avoid the $3 out of network fee. Quite an inconvenience considering when I withdraw from an ATM it’s usually on my way to an event or something that has me on a timeline.

With today’s ever evolving advertising platforms, now more than ever, people are seeking out innovative ways to get their product/service in front of the right customers. What better way to start off on the right foot than in a sense paying the customer to watch their commercial? Stay with me here…

Just recently a 25 year old Brooklyn resident founded a company called “Free ATM’s NYC.” where he created an ATM that uses targeted advertisements to cover the cost of the surcharge of an ATM outside of it’s network. You can read all about it on yahoo at:

Basically a customer can choose to waive the surcharge opting to view a commercial instead. This does 2 things… not only does it save the withdrawee a few bucks, companies who choose to house these “Free ATM’s” have already seen an increase in business on their end, just from people coming in to use the ATM to avoid fees!

I think this is a brilliant idea. In my opinion, a 10-15 second commercial beats the heck out of a drive across town to use my ATM or a few dollars out of my pocket just to access my own money. What do you think? Would you watch a brief ad to save a few bucks? How about from a business end… is this a plausible means of which to advertise your business?

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