A well outlined presentation is no longer enough

Let me begin by saying that when the iPAD first came out my initial reaction was, “really…so this makes the iPhone the iPad Nano? LAME!” I really saw no practical use for the tablet PC if one already had a smart-phone and a computer. It seemed more like a novelty item than anything, a status symbol if you will. However, the more I learn about social marketing and presentations on the go, the more I see the necessity of this device.

I came across this article when researching non-profit organizations that drove home just how necessary a tablet PC might be for someone trying to secure a grant, or pull at the heart strings of a potential donor:

It outlines compelling ways to create a presentation that, “leaps off the page and grabs your donor’s mind and heart” using software such as Acrobat PDF, PowerPoint, Keynote, and Prezi. It also gives you some pros and cons to each application that might allow you to better choose the app that suits your non-profit organization needs.

A well outlined presentation is no longer enough. In the age of CGI and 3D movies, people want to be entertained at all times, including presentation viewing. How do you think a tablet PC would benefit your non-profit organization? What software might you find appropriate to help you meet your goals?

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