BTA produces 4 healthcare marketing videos for Western Maryland Health System

Western Maryland Health System in Cumberland, Maryland, approached BlaineTurner Advertising to produce four 30-second television spots focusing on Cardiology and the Center for Clinical Resources.

The goal of the Cardiology commercials was to communicate the hospital’s mission by educating at-risk residents in the geo target area.

The other two commercials were aimed at promoting the goals of the Center for Clinical Resources, which are to effectively co-manage at-risk patients who have a chronic disease in an outpatient setting and to reduce their use of the Emergency Department, Observation unit, and inpatient services.

On-site video of the hospitals’ technology, personnel, and patient experiences helped demonstrate the level of care provided at the centers. Western Maryland Health System was overjoyed with the finished product.

“This morning at our Department Director meeting, our CEO, spoke about them, how good they are, the “high quality” of the spots, and so on,” exclaimed Kevin Turley, Vice President of Operations. “We had an idea and you brought it to life.”


WMHS : The Clinical Resources Department (Statistics)

WMHS : The Clinical Resources Department

WMHS : The Heart Institute / Cardiac Surgery

WMHS : The Heart Institute / Cardiac 911

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