Case Study: West Virginia University Sports Communications

West Virginia University Sports

In sports . . . seconds count.  From 1991 through 2015, and today, BlaineTurner Advertising holds a graphics contract for West Virginia University Sports Communications.  Every day, 24/7, the department puts BTA to the test: a 6-second video animation to promote the NCAA Sweet Sixteen: requested at 12:15 pm, delivered at 3:00 pm; 31 new pages for Mountaineer Illustrated Football Game Program:  requested at 9:00 am, delivered at 4:00 pm; the WVU Football Media Guide: 208 pages designed, proofed and delivered to the printer in 329 hours.

When the agency had a few seconds to spare, we developed the Mountaineer DeskMate, a dynamic screen saver that provided instant updates on WVU sports news, scores, special promotions and video. This project was developed on spec – completely unsolicited by the client – and won first place in the National Collegiate Athletic Marketing Awards for Multimedia Advertising.


Fans shared the news and one of the forerunners of web-based apps (2003), Mountaineer Deskmate, received 40,000 downloads in the first 30 days.

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