Tyler Hall
Graphic / Web Designer

Tyler Hall

My interest in design began during high school when I discovered Photoshop; it felt like magic. As I experimented with design tools, I discovered the endless possibilities that come with them. I had many interests growing up but design felt different. My dream has always been to work in a field that I am excited to go to work everyday. I made the leap and decided to pursue design as a profession.

Although I only moved to West Virginia when I was 5, I’ll never call another place home. Hailing from Mannington, I moved out at 18 to begin school in Morgantown at West Virginia University in 2014. College was my job for those 4 years and I took it seriously, learning from each corner I turned. I had the pleasure of being taught by an amazing design staff who I now call friends and mentors. In late 2016 I was introduced to web design and development; I wish I would’ve been sooner. Out of class I found myself wanting to code, solve problems, and see how others solved problems. It has become my passion over these last few years and I don’t think it will ever dissolve. I graduated in 2018 with my eyes to the sky and was lucky enough to land my first full-time position here, at BlaineTurner Advertising. I’ve had a great experience working with the BTA team and I look forward to polishing my current skills and acquiring new ones.

Dreams do come true.