Google’s Algorithm: Tools to Stay Informed and Survive Frequent Updates

In 2017, there were approximately 13 updates to Google’s algorithm, with four more implemented by late March of 2018. These frequent changes mean that brands need to be quick to understand how their current advertising will be affected and know how to adjust their online marketing strategy. The Google search algorithm focuses on user intent and ranks websites according to how relevant they are to internet users. While your website may have ranked within the top five search results under a previous algorithm, an update could change that overnight. Knowing how the new algorithm is evaluating your online content will help you understand how to climb the ranks once again. Here are a few online tools used and/or recommended by BTA:


Moz is an in-depth search engine optimization (SEO) tool for online advertising and business listings. Along with several powerful paid products, Moz also offers free SEO guides and learning tools such as a Keyword Explorer. Moz also keeps an up-to-date archive of all Google Algorithm updates, with links to official announcements and releases. Once acquainted with the latest updates, the MozCast tool can help you monitor the stability of Search Engine Results Pages (SERP) rankings and see why your website’s visitors and engagement may have changed.


Like Moz, SEMrush is a great online resource for SEO resources and online advertising analytics reports. For tracking changes to the Google Algorithm, the SEMrush Sensor is a free dashboard which reports on the volatility of SERP fluctuations. These reports are cross-category and cross-platform, all of which can be directly compared within the Sensor itself, giving you deeper insight into how new algorithm changes may be affecting your brand’s online category.


The Google Webmaster Central Blog is a great reference for algorithm updates and changes that may affect how websites rank within search engine results pages. Making sure your website adheres to the Webmaster Guidelines for content and quality is another great way to ensure that your site survives the next algorithm update. Finally, use the free Test My Site web app to see a report of how mobile-friendly your website is, a key factor in determining SERP ranking.

As technology moves forward, it is important that brands move forward as well. These tools and resources are a starting point for fortifying your online presence in an online environment that is constantly changing. Use them as a way to reevaluate your current online presence, discover areas of need, and create a plan for moving forward. Start with familiarizing yourself with how search engines work, becoming certified through Google’s Academy for Ads, and monitoring daily fluctuations in the algorithm’s performance.

Without these daily steps, it can be easy to overlook the latest algorithm update news and unknowingly post content that is no longer valued in the same way by Google’s search engine and thus deemed less relevant to potential users searching for your industry. Instead of losing those clients to competitors, stay aware of changes that might affect your website and update your online content marketing and advertising accordingly.

We invite you to learn how we at BTA use our staff’s knowledge and expertise to help our clients’ succeed in the turbulent environment of online advertising.


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