How do you let people know about your non-profit organization?

About a year ago, Mozilla Firefox (the most commonly used web browser) adopted some adorable little critters at the Knoxville Zoo. Also known as firefoxes, the red panda has reached the endangered species status. So, to help raise awareness Mozilla Firefox, along with the launch of Firefox LIVE, have given us all an opportunity to watch these fuzzy friends just being cute, whatever they may be doing..sleeping, eating, playing, sleeping..with the help of a live webcam. Needless to say, I’ve been doing extensive “research” watching them in their habitat at the Knoxville Zoo. Check out the link to see what I’m talking about!

Did I also mention, that based on how many people who download Mozilla Firefox, Winston, Polly, and Bernadette (the cubs, as they have been deemed) will receive new playthings? As they are already enjoying their new playset as a result.

While doing my “video research” I noticed that right under the video feed, in big bold letters: “Firefox is made by a non-profit” and that it is “only browser that puts your needs, privacy and the greater good of the Web first.” Just when I thought I couldn’t feel any better after watching firefox cubs sleeping, I felt like I was doing good, just by using their browser.

I didn’t even know Mozilla was a non-profit organization until I saw these little guys!

How do you let people know about your non-profit organization?

Check out this video, too!

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