Do Marketing Awards Matter?

Please, forgive our momentary lack of humility, because we here at BTA are truly proud of ourselves!

This year, our small firm has been recognized for its creative work in healthcare marketing by the Telly Awards, Healthcare Advertising Awards, Communicator Awards and the Hospital Marketing Advertising Awards . . . and it’s only July! BTA came away from the Telly Awards with Silver and Bronze in a feat that is rare for a firm of our size – especially when you consider we shared the limelight with agencies so big their clients have names like Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, Panasonic, Toyota, Texas Tourism, L’Oreal, Universal Pictures . . . you get the picture.

So, do these awards mean anything in the grand scheme of things? Do they matter? The answer is “Yes!” Here’s why: For a small agency, participating in awards allows us to see how we compare to our peers. It gives us an opportunity to measure our creative value. I cannot stress enough the strong bond and exceptional collaborative environment of BTA. It is a compliment to the entire team when recognition is bestowed on our endeavors. Recognition moves us forward.

These awards are also a compliment to our clients, the people who trust us to think outside the box, to help them deliver a promise. They have to have faith in us. Take for example our work with Western Maryland Health System (WMHS) in Cumberland, Md. The CEO, Barry Ronan, wanted to demonstrate the incredible dedication hospital employees have to their patients and the community. We talked to a lot of folks in the hospital and around town. Then we went into brainstorming mode where we developed the idea to feature six local organizations that benefitted from WMHS employee support. We interviewed those WMHS employees on camera about their participation. There was laughter, there were tears, but most of all, there was a clear message: these people touch lives both in and outside of the hospital.

The BTA team will continue to work hard and strive to excel at strategy and creative.

2016 Telly Awards:

WMHS: We Are WMHS: Helping Our Community – Bronze

WMHS: Oncology – Silver

Healthcare Advertising Awards:

WMHS: We Are WMHS Series – Merit

Communicator Award:

WMHS: We Are WMHS Series – Silver

Hospital Marketing Advertising Awards:

WMHS: We Are WMHS Series – Finalist

WMHS: Patient Information Guide – Finalist

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