BlaineTurner Launches Redesigned Mobile Website

Updated: 10/24/2016

After several weeks of planning and development, BlaineTurner Advertising has launched a redesigned, mobile-friendly version of that is more optimized for a better user experience.

Let’s face it, if you are a marketer and you are not building strategies for mobile first, you are doing it wrong. With 2017 right around the corner and mobile web usage skyrocketing, not taking a mobile-first approach will not work anymore.

What do consumers use their mobile devices for?

One of the major reasons why web developers and marketers need to think about mobile today is that mobile search results on smartphones differ from the search results that appear on a desktop browser. Google has recently placed added emphasis on local results and has tweaked the formula by which SERPs (search engine results pages) are calculated.

Mobile traffic from the world is 51%.


There is a simple driver of this change: People love to research brands on their phone using search. While people like to consume media in mobile apps over mobile browsers, the mobile search engine dominates when it comes to people researching facts about a brand. With the increased prevalence of voice-activated artificial intelligence like Siri (Apple), Google Now, and Alexa (Amazon), this trend will continue to grow. Thus, a solid mobile strategy still involves an active and ongoing SEO implementation plan.

Have you started to think about, or act on these differences in your SEO campaigns? Contact our team of mobile web designers and digital marketing experts to get a consultation on building your mobile marketing strategy.

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