New United Hospital Center Employment Site Assists UHC With Healthcare Recruitment

In 2010, United Hospital Center made a giant leap toward becoming one of West Virginia’s premier healthcare centers by building a brand new $282 million dollar facility in Harrison County. With the large increase in square footage and medical positions, UHC was faced with the predicament of hiring more qualified medical professionals. Faced with lagging responses from employment ads in traditional media, UHC turned to its agency of record, BlaineTurner Advertising, for help.

BTA research concluded:

  • Since 2000, newspaper classified spending has decreased almost 70%.
  • 54% of all job seekers use some form of social media to find a job.
  • 1 in 3 healthcare professionals have used social media during their job search.
  • 92% of U.S. companies used social media networks in 2012 to find talent and potential employees to hire.
  • 18 million Americans say Facebook got them their current job
  • 94% of UHC’s 10-county target market are active Facebook users.

As the digital age has taken over this generation, several newspapers have been forced to trim costs and go to online versions. Generations past remember, when a classified ad in the local newspaper would go a long way. But today’s generation would rather use a keyboard and click a mouse to become informed. Even America’s oldest generation is embracing the move to conventional media, with Facebook being the most popular median to search for employment. Even if one is not looking for a job, the customer reach that Facebook, Google and other social media give our clients is beyond anything newspaper articles could match. Still, it is important to utilize both medians, which is why BTA redesigned a brand new print advertisement for UHC that presents its new facility cleanly and effectively.
Along with the new print ad, BTA designed a brand new employment website As you can see, this website redesign offers UHC a huge advantage over its competitors. Not only is the site branded to UHC and easy to use, but it also offers job seekers the ability to meet their recruiters and ask them any questions that they might have before applying. Additionally, BTA’s Google AdWords certified staff set up an AdWords campaign to reach to target, monitor, and advertise to larger audiences for UHC. BTA created a Facebook Campaign that utilized all that the platform had to offer, including online advertising and its analytics features.
While the campaign has not gone into full effect quite yet, BTA has already reduced UHC’s employee recruitment spending by over $25,000.

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