Say What You Really Mean

I am addicted to my Kindle, I find that I can go through books at an even faster pace than I ever have before, the convenience of taking it everywhere with me helps.  So I often find myself stumbling through book review sites or online resources to find my next download and feed my addiction.

I came across a review of the book 3D Philanthropy by Fraser Green.  On the cover of the book it says you should expect to learn how to “Make your donors love you by connecting with their minds, hearts and souls.”

Reading the review a little further it turns out the book is also talking about how when conducting a fundraising effort, sometimes we are our own worst enemy.  Building the relationship from the start with a donor is the number one goal and sometimes the words we use can destroy any chance we once had with the donor.

Green provides a list of “mood-killing” words that he explains get in the way of making the mind, heart and soul connection.  These words are what you should try to stay away from in the future when you are trying to make a connection with real people.

  • Capacity
  • Empower
  • Enhance
  • Indigenous
  • Partnership
  • Development
  • Systemic
  • Community
  • Innovation
  • Superlative
  • Outcomes
  • Support
  • Sustainable
  • Resources
  • Dignity
  • Facilitate
  • Diversity
  • Fostering

And especially stay away from combining these words, for example:

We are working toward “Sustainable Development”


We are “Facilitating Outcomes”

Say what you really mean, that you’re an organization that is working to send more children to college not facilitating future outcomes.

Your words should easily transfer your passion for what you do into the heart of others.

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