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Mike Davis
Web Designer and Developer

Mike Davis

My name is Mike Davis and I enjoy working out, hiking, then fixing a gigantic steak dinner and having a tall beer all in that order. I am from Huntington, WV and I attended Marshall University.

I got my first computer at 14 and by 15 I had created my first web page. The webpage I created was an unofficial site for Spring Valley High School, where I attended. It had voting polls, galleries, a chat room, and a forum. The forum was a place where students could bring up topics and discuss things anonymously or by giving their name. This turned out to be a disaster as most anonymous teenagers are disgusting. The galleries were made up of mostly images handed to me by people at school for me to scan into the site. It was an AMAZING way to meet all the girls that were older than me :). The voting polls went pretty well except the voting was on the hottest girls in each grade and parents hated me for obvious reasons. However, I actually had a parent call me at home mad because her daughter wasn’t winning – LOL. In the end, after roughly 15 fist fights between students, 8 or 9 furious parents, and me personally getting punched in the face, I was forced to bring it down by the administration. After that I knew ONE thing… I KNOW HOW TO GET RESULTS.

I have studied in many areas of the IT world. I was a Network Engineer for an ISP for 2 years, a graphic designer, and now my main focus is web development. Every good and bad choice I have ever made I have learned from and I regret nothing.