Video Production

BlaineTurner Advertising is an award-winning Morgantown video production company that delivers high-end results. From script writing, storyboarding, actors, music scores, voice-overs, and set designs to the final cuts by our in-house editor, BTA creates excitement, instills emotion, and inspires behavior.

If you have a product or service to launch, an image to build, a story to tell, or a vision to share, we’ll bring it to life.

Our team specializes in:

  • Long-Format Video

    Advertising approaches are ever-changing, but telling a good story through video never disappoints. Video solidifies the image of your company while creating an emotion or a desire for a product or service you offer. Longer videos on your website add perceived value to your business. Documenting your company’s history, growth, and community involvement serve to build trust and a sense of becoming acquainted with your prospective customers.

  • Television Commercial Production

    From creative development, casting, and scriptwriting, to shooting, editing, visual effects, animations, professional voice-over talent, music, media buying, and broadcast delivery, BTA treats each video production project as an opportunity to help a company, product, or service stand out in today’s highly competitive marketplace.

  • Tutorials and Education (“Explainer Videos”)

    Can you explain what an “Explainer Video” is? Most of us can’t, but we watch them quite often unaware. They are often trending on popular social platforms and company websites. No matter how technical or complicated the subject, you can liven it up with properly scripted and well-designed content.

    Help provide the viewer with the information that they need to learn about or train with your products, services, or company.

  • Testimonials

    You have some very satisfied and loyal customers — right? No one knows that but you! Potential customers are researching you online, they’re getting to know you through your web and social content. Typically, many might be skeptical or hesitant to trust you right away.

    Why not let your satisfied customers share their success stories? A great testimonial video is a powerful tool for developing trust and motivating potential buyers to take action.

  • Social Video Campaigns

    Social video must become part of your online presence. Just think about the amount of YouTube and Facebook video you, your family, and company consumes weekly and you will suddenly realize that if a picture (a static ad) is worth a thousand words, a well-planned social video surely is worth 10,000 words. Using social video marketing will ensure your video content is literally in the palms of your target audience. Need a 15-second Instagram video or a highlight video for your latest campaign to share on YouTube? We’ll pull it all together and show you measured results.

In six months, will you be wishing that you hired BTA . . . or be glad that you did?

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