Public Relations

Sharing your brand, product or initiative-driven stories is crucial for growth. We know how to develop compelling messages for a variety of stakeholders. From business partners to influential media and consumers, we identify the right approach, timing and channels to create a successful public relations campaign.

Our team specializes in:

  • Media Outreach

    Our editorial team develops customized campaigns of media-ready features that tell our client’s story, then distributes to print, online, broadcast and television, as well as trade publications, for placements to enhance brand awareness. We are experts in fine-tuning our clients’ messages and delivering it to the right hands so that their news is received in real-time.

  • Personal Branding / Reputation Management

    BTA helps our clients protect and build personal brands with ongoing reputation management services.

    We proactively implement strategies to improve and elevate clients’ online reputation through content creation and social media. By creating our clients’ messaging first, we help to build a strong client-to-consumer relationship from the very beginning.

  • Brand Manifesto

    Your brand is important to you and it’s important to us, too. At BTA, we get to know our clients and what they stand for, and have a strong appreciation for why others should value and support your organization. As a team, we work closely with our clients and ensure that the platform you represent is both compelling and unique throughout.

  • Message Maps

    BTA creates the framework to define and deliver your organization’s primary and secondary messages.

    By looking at what is relevant to your audience, BTA can accurately develop a strategy that works best for you. Not only do we study what is ideal for your brand, but we look at your competitors and give you a front-row seat to the best tools and practices necessary to help you succeed.

  • Public Speaking

    Knowing our clients’ key messages, we are skilled in speaking to their target audience by informing, educating and engaging them in both a professional and public setting. By learning everything we can about our client, we are able to deliver an interesting and honest approach any place or time. With the knowledge that we gain in the beginning and the ideas we have to reach your audience, our voice is still the most powerful tool to relaying your brand’s story.

  • Special Events/Event Planning

    BTA works closely with our clients to host events that are tailored to their needs.

    No matter the occasion, we strive to plan and execute our clients’ ideas into reality. Tell us what your dream event looks like, give us your budget and let us handle the rest. We plan everything from venue, decor, signage, social media CTAs and more. Making your brand center stage is what we love to do and we can ensure you will have a positive experience.

In six months, will you be wishing that you hired BTA . . . or be glad that you did?

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