Social Media is Beneficial to the Healthcare Industry

When it comes to being active on social media, all hospitals need to have some sort of social media platform. According to PatientPop, 80% of internet users in the United States search for health-related information online—74% of which are using including social media in their search. 

With the use of social media platforms, such as Facebook, hospitals can connect with patients, families, and communities. Facebook is beneficial to both the consumer and the hospital. For one, the more “likes” that a hospital receives on its Facebook page by running ads that target individuals in the service area can increase the amount healthcare consumers. A hospital’s Facebook page allows for its doctors and healthcare workers to engage with the community at a more personable level, which in turn builds brand loyalty.

To run a successful Facebook page, a hospital should create shareable content that provides general health information. This allows followers to share the hospital’s articles with their friends and potentially lead to more “likes” on the hospital’s page.

Another useful tactic is to share hospital news. Highlight important milestones, like opening a new health center. Use photos to let followers take a look inside the center before visiting. Additionally, share hospital awards, certifications, and videos from local media outlets or information regarding sponsorships or drives. These efforts will help your hospital build a local reputation.

Inform followers of upcoming event dates, such as health screenings, and allow them to register online for these events. This not only reduces operating costs, but also allows the hospital to create a database of email and phone numbers to send out personalized notifications based on consumer interests.

Remember, social media allows consumers to communicate with your hospital, forming a two-way relationship. Social media gives you control by creating targeted ads and using keywords that are specific to your target audience. To limit spending, it is best to preset your budget in order to only pay for online ads when a user clicks on an ad. Learn about your targeted audience through the hospital’s page comments and visitor analytics, and you will be on your way to creating an invaluable healthcare marketing campaign.


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PatientPop: The Healthcare Provider’s Guide to Getting Started with Social Media

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