2020 Digital Marketing Trends to Watch

Focus on Live Marketing

Live marketing involves live video, messaging apps, and different ways for consumers to interact with brands. Another form of this has been called conversational marketing, in which the focus is towards having real interactions between brand representatives and consumers. Beyond thriving as a company, consumers want to see brands as living entities, actively engaging with their audience, and providing helpful, convenient service. 

According to the consumer survey by PWC, “an average of 48% of U.S. consumers point to friendly, welcoming service as uniquely defining success in [any] industry.” Live marketing gives brands a chance to offer that kind of friendly, personalized service. This also reduces the risk of having consumers feel creeped out or feel unease from interacting with an A.I. or chatbot that seemingly knows too much. 

Position Zero SEO

Featured snippets create opportunities for different types of content to appear at the top of Google search results and search ads. This placement for featured snippets is called “position zero.” Featured snippets can be made up of text, lists, images, videos, and more, pulling from a single source or website. The website that gets featured is determined by two factors:

  1. if the content is well-formatted and can be recognized by Google
  2. the level of authority that it has recognized by Google. 

Recently, however, featured snippets and position zero SEO have been seen as a double-edged sword, shining a light on your content while potentially interrupting click-throughs. If a consumer can find the answer they need within the search results, they no longer have a reason to click through to your website. SEO and content managers will need to find a balance between content that gets featured and content that gets clicks. 

E-Commerce and Social Media

2019 saw the growth of e-commerce across multiple social media channels and their apps. Facebook marketplace drove online person-to-person sales, with payments processed across the Facebook Messenger app. In addition, the social giant has allowed brands and influencers more ways to sell with the introduction of shoppable organic and paid posts on both Facebook and Instagram. 

According to a study by Absolunet, “30% of consumers say they would make purchases directly through social media platforms.” This integration of e-commerce and the commonly used apps eliminates any friction that would prevent or deter consumers from making purchases. When consumers see their favorite influencer promoting or positively reviewing a product, they will want to learn more about that product. E-Commerce gives brands the ability to add calls-to-action within their posts that consumers can use to click-through to a product page and ultimately make a purchase. Thanks to cookies and pixels, brands can track these sales and determine ROI alongside impressions, social engagement, and followership. 

Targeting Gen Z

“Gen Z” refers to those born between the mid-1990s and early 2000s, meaning that in 2020, the youngest of this demographic will be entering the workforce and influencing marketing trends. As consumers, Gen Z is the most skeptical and alert group to-date when it comes to seeing past flashy advertising and empty messages. Authenticity, transparency, and privacy are the core values for a generation that has grown up with perhaps the most access and ability to sharing their own lives online. 

According to Facebook for Business, “68% of Gen Zers expect brands to contribute to society.” Brands will need to continue demonstrating authentic concern and efforts in the realm of social activism. Words alone will not sway the Gen Z consumer towards buying your product. Instead of short-term campaigns, brands should look to implement long-term policy changes and new practices within their business models that promote sustainability, diversity, and social responsibility. 

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