5 Steps to Lead Generation Success

When it comes to keeping up with the latest marketing trends, it can be difficult to know the best ways to reach your targeted audience. Your company can accomplish customer acquisition through lead generation, the process of attracting consumers, or leads, towards your brand to convert into customers.

Step 1: Earn Leads

A website can earn leads by creating relevant content that will generate traffic. First, it is crucial to gain interest by figuring out the keywords that people are searching for. Your company can accomplish this through search engine optimization research (SEO) to incorporate keywords into the pages of your website.

Relevant content can range from blog posts that cover specific topics such as the services your your company provides to social media posts and video clips. Once a website visitor becomes interested in viewing your pieces of content, you have made a lead. It is also beneficial to have a form on your website for your leads to fill out in order to receive more information about your company.

Step 2: Pay Attention to Existing Leads

Now that you have earned website leads, pay attention to them as they go through the sales cycle. Keep them interested in the content that you create or send to them in order to produce a trusted image of your company.

It is also useful to set up an automatic response system to aid the development of a customized distribution of information. Marketing automation platforms are used for tracking and responding to user behaviour as they browse your website. These tools will help you to track your leads and where they are in the sales cycle.

Step 3: Score Your Leads

It is beneficial for your company to score the leads that your website has earned. Scoring refers to how valuable the leads that you have earned are in regards to your company. A valuable lead interacts with your company through your website content. By understanding the worth of your leads, your company can spend time converting leads with lower scores and keep the higher scored leads interested in your company.

Step 4: Guide Leads into Sales

The overall goal of lead generation should be to guide your leads to the end of the sales process. Converting leads into sales is a continual process of making sure that these now customers are satisfied.

To do so, it is beneficial for your lead generation process to have a database of your leads. This database can help you understand how to overcome the challenges of leads that still need to be converted, the needs of the already converted leads, your lead generation goals and timeline, as well as other relevant information like the market that you are hoping to target.

Personalized content and automated messages can be delivered to leads to help move them through the various stages of the conversion funnel.

Step 5: Evaluate

Your company should be constantly analyzing performance. To successfully measure your company’s lead generation strategy, identify where any leads exited the sales process. It is important to keep leads in the first place, but if any leads do drop off, there is a possibility of recapturing them.

Analytic tools such as Google Analytics can help your company better understand the flow of traffic to your website. Key metrics to monitor include bounce rates, conversion rates, time on page, and custom tracking of key events like watching a video. By setting goals and monitoring performance, your company will be able to test strategies and verify success to an increase the amount of qualified sales leads.

At BTA, we understand that it can be frustrating when trying to earn leads to your website, but we also know that an effective strategy can achieve results for your website. In order to tackle marketing growth challenges, we use attractive content such as articles, videos, and infographics to generate results. Contact BlaineTurner Advertising if your company is in need of producing leads to your website.



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