6 Tips for Tourism Marketing: The BTA Way

Here at BlaineTurner Advertising, our team works together to ensure your information is comprehensive, as well as easily accessible and searchable. We strive to deliver the top search results when individuals are seeking travel information for your destination. Our goal is to market your travel experience and keep potential visitors aware of all the possibilities your destination has to offer.

Tips to achieve successful tourism marketing:

Easy Website Navigation

Offering a user-friendly website is key for visitors who are seeking information. A visible menu icon at the top of your website is a must to ensure that your content is easy to find. Be sure each link takes consumers to relevant, working sources. Using thematic colors on your website can also draw the consumer eye to the important information on the page.

Intriguing Video

Presenting videos on your website and social media platforms brings life and motion to the travel experience. With videos taking over the internet, both on desktop and mobile devices, consumers want to take in information quickly and visually. This provides the perfect opportunity for a capture a video of someone experiencing your tourism destination first-hand. Why only tell visitors about your exciting tourism opportunities when you could also show them.

Up-to-date Website Content

With the constant scheduling, business updates, and occurrence of events in your tourism destination, it is vital to keep all of your company and website links up-to-date. To provide the best experience to your destination’s consumers, strive to update your content daily, and monitor any changes in business links within your website as well. This content may include business information, a monthly schedule or deals your destination is offering.  

Fast Response Rates

Whether your tourism brand lives on its own website, on social media, or within a newsletter, quick responses to tourist questions show your audiences that your brand is prompt and observant.

Booking Tools

To keep consumer traffic on your web pages, offer a booking tool directly on your website. This tool is designed to show visitors lodging, flight, event, and restaurant options for your tourism destination.

Interaction Awareness

BTA has honed its destination marketing expertise with decades of experience. We know how people search for travel-related content and we define the subtle differences in behavioral patterns across demographics using audience segmentation. This allows us to accurately predict search tendencies and persona behavior: to put the right message in front of the right people at the right time.

With our finger on travel and tourism trends, we put our research into action, building a process around content marketing, tourism keyword research and real-time tracking. We use platforms (and you can too!), such as Google Analytics to discover who is interacting with our client’s brands, so we can tailor our approach.

If you’re looking for marketing hospitality and tourism that will strengthen your brand, engage your visitors, and report results all within your tourism marketing budget, let BlaineTurner Advertising steer you in the right direction! Learn more about our work in travel and tourism marketing, here!

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