A Social Media Success Story: How Do You Reach Consumers Who Desire Anonymity?

A Facebook Business page was also created, to have an online community for users to share their experiences. Targeted Facebook ads helped bring traffic to the site.


West Virginia University Center for Reproductive Medicine (Center) provides diagnosis and treatment for infertility and problems that affect the reproductive system for both men and women.

The Center’s management set a goal to increase the number of patient inquiries and appointments, and BlaineTurner Advertising was contacted for a marketing strategy.


Through qualitative research and interviews with the Center’s staff, BTA identified the Center’s primary target market: women, 24-38 years old; college educated and living in West Virginia, southwestern Pennsylvania, and western Maryland, who were experiencing difficulty conceiving. The agency determined that these women work outside the home, are technologically savvy, and are very mobile. According to research the target market feels stigmatized by the fertility challenges and, for the most part, prefers anonymity when seeking assistance with their situation.

The Center’s secondary target market was males diagnosed with cancer that will experience sperm decrease or elimination due to treatment for their illness.


BTA recommended Facebook ads and Google™ AdWords to deliver maximum ROI for marketing dollars.

The primary target market was divided into four groups, based on the stage of infertility. Customized Google™ AdWords were developed by the agency to direct interested users to a landing page; the pages included language, photos and video to correspond with varying stages of infertility. Each landing page included three measurable conversions: call the Center, email the Center, or schedule an appointment online.

A Facebook business page (www.facebook.com/WVUCRM) was also created to act as an online community for users to share their experiences – while still maintaining their anonymity. Targeted Facebook ads and info cards in target area OBGYN offices directed traffic to the Facebook page.


The Center reported inquiries increased by 50% after the first 12 months of the campaign. Benchmark goals for visitors to the Web site and landing page, as well as click-thrus from online ads and conversions were exceeded.

WVU-CRM Multiple Landing Pages

The campaign has brought over 2,400 unique visitors to the landing pages, estimating that contact to the center is up by 50% since the campaign launch.

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