On A Creative Note: Music in a Marketing and PR Agency

Melodies and marketing. Songs and search engine optimization. Vocals and video production. 

At BlaineTurner Advertising, our passionate group of strategic thinkers, creative minds and technical wizards deliver real business results. But what inspires our innovation? What helps us increase productivity throughout the workday while boosting morale? Tune in to learn more about the benefits of music in the workplace and the music that inspires us to fearlessly pursue perfection. 


Tune In 

In our creative agency, we strive to let our imaginations soar, reaching new heights within our work. Music can assist us in these creative moments, increasing motivation, elevating our moods and reducing stress

Find your mind wandering off as you attempt to complete a task? Try turning on music to aid your focus, helping you center your attention on your work. 

Music can also aid productivity in the workplace, encouraging efficiency in a positive manner. According to WebFX, 61% of employees stream music at work to help increase productivity. 


The BTA Team 

Our team was surveyed to see how many of us turn to music during the workday to encourage focus, assist creativity and inspire motivation. Out of the eleven individuals in the office, five of us bring music into our workspace. 

Listening through headphones, a wide range of genres appear in our playlists; the popular stations mentioned range from Deep Focus, Classical and Superior Study to Dubstep and Piano Covers. 

We found that we subconsciously assign these genres to match specific types of tasks carried out throughout the workday. For example, some team members listen to calm, instrumental melodies during video editing or content creation, while higher energy tunes with lyrics are played during graphic design or social media planning. 

Different times throughout the day influence music choice as well. The after-lunch period sees a spike in upbeat tunes. Classic rock streams through headphones in the afternoon, inspiring bursts of energy to tackle the second half of the day. 

Contrary to those who desire music while working, others in the workplace prefer silence while completing tasks. This is the case for some of us here at BTA; a few team members mentioned how listening to music can be distracting if they are working on a writing or data collection project. Ambient sound provides a better environment for these individuals, noting they work more efficiently without music. 


Your Perfect Playlist

The choice to listen to music at work is ultimately determined by personal preference. If you find yourself searching for a mid-day mood boost, creative inspiration or focus assistance, try streaming your favorite playlist. 

Do you see any of these same trends in your office? Feel free to let us know by reaching out to us on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn or Twitter!

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