Manufacturing Marketing: The Complete Guide to More Leads

Manufacturers, or B2B consumers, differ from B2C consumers in many ways. Their needs are more precise and the solutions they are looking for usually have a direct relationship with a business or production goal they want to reach. These consumers are time-conscious, direct, and can understand marketing and advertising tactics (because they are probably using them in their own marketing efforts).

While consumers vary from industry to industry, most manufacture and industrial buyers are looking for in-depth product information, especially in quick download-and-go formats that they can use to reference later. This creates an opportunity for companies to create a lead generation funnel based on a value-download.

At BlaineTurner Advertising, we believe that one of the best marketing tactics any brand can utilize is creating marketing that has immediate value for the individuals who receive them. This could be advertising that includes long-form content that a manufacturer can take and benefit from, without overly committing to the brand or product. We believe this creates a positive association between the value and the brand in the minds of consumers.

The current state of online digital advertising and search has made it so that manufacturers can access an array of visual and interactive ad formats, which makes it easy to run lead gen campaigns that bring in highly qualified leads.


Lead Generation through LinkedIn

Thanks to the interconnectivity of digital platforms and devices, much of what we do in business happens online. Due to this, it’s important to engage with these potential leads where they are, and with the most accurate and appealing information you can deliver about your brand.

80% of B2B lead generation comes from LinkedIn, through both organic and promoted posts, connection requests, and via a Linkedin company page. When it comes to which posts are most likely to receive the most engagement, a recent study showed that 72% of people prefer video over text when it comes to learning about new products.

Beyond passively posting, LinkedIn allows brands to send sponsored messages, targeted to professionals based on industry, seniority, and job function. Like ads on LinkedIn, these messages can include a link or value download that helps build relationships with potential leads for your business.


Lead Generation for Manufacturing Websites

The most effective way to drive leads is to start with your website. A 2019 study found that the quality of your website impacts industrial buyers’ decision to partner with your company, with 23% of those surveyed responding that it matters “a lot,” and 65% saying it “somewhat” matters.

Search engine optimization for industrial manufacturers involves a balance between highly specific keywords for solutions to reach leads as they are searching, and rich, informative content that is exactly what they are looking for. Over the course of 2018, 74% of B2B content marketers dedicated more development toward long-form content, such as in-depth articles and guides.

This content, featured in blogs and product pages, can give your website more authority and ultimately more traffic. This increased engagement with your website can also lead to higher rankings in organic searches. Make the most of this new audience through the use of value-downloads, or highly-searched content made freely available in response to a newsletter sign-up.


Lead Generation through Marketing Automation

Once you’ve captured your highly qualified leads, it’s time to nurture them. Email marketing automation for manufacturers and industry professionals involves keeping leads educated on current and upcoming products, and positioning your company as a thought-leader in your industry.

By informing your leads about new products, services, or changes to your company or processes, you build a relationship that has a better chance to develop into a partnership in the future. A 2019 study found that of the most successful B2B content marketers, 90% prioritized meeting and exceeding their lead’s informational needs over pushing sales or promotions.

The key is delivering email content that your leads want to read. Feature blogs covering your companies position on news that will affect the industry as a whole, or include links to your latest blog posts or product sheets. Announce upcoming events or conferences that your company will be attending and updates about your company, such as online mentions and accolades or changes in leadership.

In conclusion, lead generation for industrial and manufacturing businesses involves patience, great content, and opportunities for engaging with new connections. However, it’s important to remember that lead generation is about quality, not quantity. Experienced marketers know that all effective lead generation starts with having good, highly qualified leads.

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