Online Review Management Systems: What to Consider

Online reviews have become established as the number one trusted source for recommendations and ratings by consumers for products, services, and businesses as a whole. In 2017, a consumer survey found that 97% of consumers looked up local businesses online and 74% were more likely to trust local businesses due to positive reviews. That means it is crucial that the reviews being generated online for your brand are both positive and are a true reflection of what services and products you have to offer. While it’s recommended that brands monitor and respond to every single consumer review, having a review management system in place can automate the entire process, creating a no-hassle funnel of positive review promotion.

What is a Review Management System?

Review management systems are a great way to monitor, redirect, and respond to online reviews as they are uploaded to multiple review sites and forums. This type of system gives you the ability to allow positive reviews to be posted regularly to various online platforms while redirecting negative reviews to a customer service representative so that they can be addressed directly. Through the use of an automated email system, retargeting, on-site widgets, or online review site crawlers, review management systems can create a funnel for reviews that moderates what is published online and what is redirected.


Why Should I Consider a Review Management System?

  • My brand has positive reviews on one website but not others.
  • My positive reviews are getting overlooked for outdated/irrelevant/fake negative reviews.
  • I responded to and resolved the concerns that were in a negative review, but the customer did not take it down or update it.


The statements listed above are only a few of the reasons why you might consider putting a review management system in place. Most online reviews are written by customers who have had highly polarized experiences; either really good or really bad. However, customers are more likely to leave a negative review than a positive one. This means that customers who had positive or even neutral experiences can have their reviews overshadowed by negative ones.

One way to combat these negative reviews online is by responding to the review and addressing the complaint or concern of the customer. When brands respond to customers on social media, 25% had reported that they are less likely to post negatively about the brand. Many customers post negative reviews because they feel their concerns are not being heard. Through the use of a review management system and review funnel, brands can make sure that negative reviews are forwarded directly to someone most capable of addressing these concerns. While reviews posted to public review sites and social media will need to be handled separately, reviews gathered through a review funnel are handled privately, making sure that a resolution is reached before it ever hits social media.

Additionally, 65% of customers have said they are more loyal to active brands who respond regularly to customers online. By responding to reviews on a friendly and individual basis, brands can build relationships with happy customers. This is true for both positive and negative reviews, inquiries, and other posts or activity customers share with your social media page.

Having a review management system in place will allow you to receive alerts for new reviews or online comments, all in one location. Most systems feature an online dashboard that can automate the review filter process, can respond to and redirect negative reviews and can monitor your brand’s overall online reputation. This “all-in-one-place” approach helps to manage incoming reviews and build an overall positive online reputation. Depending on the system that you choose, the setup can range in difficulty based on your own personal experience with web development and email automation. Having an agency acting as a mediator for you and the system means that all the guesswork is taken care of and that you can focus on your offline brand awareness without having to worry about your online brand reputation.


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