5 Tactics to Gain Awareness with Video Marketing

Building awareness is a key tactic to effectively market any business. A beneficial way to accomplish this is by producing a video and posting it to social media. According to Bright Cove, posting videos on social media will be 80% of the world’s Internet traffic by 2019. Therefore, producing social videos is a huge opportunity to captivate large audiences and drive traffic to your website.

In a Bright Covecommissioned report, 5,500 consumers were surveyed from the United States, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Australia. Of these consumers, 79% responded that video was the easiest way to get to know a brand and 81% said that they engage with brands via social media. Your business can effectively engage with these audiences by adhering to the following video guidelines:

1. Create a Video Teaser

Video teasers are a shorter version of a video, so creating a teaser will not be a task that is as tedious as editing a full video. The goal of a teaser is to announce a final video that highlights the work of your business. This allows your audience to see a piece of what you do.

2. Keep it Short

Social video teasers need to be visually-oriented, but more importantly, short. Viewers most often watch teasers that are condensed and to the point. Since a video teaser is intended to only get viewers interested in an upcoming piece, teasers need to be between one minute to one and one-half minutes in order to keep the audience excited for more.

3. Ask Questions

Keep viewers interested by asking questions throughout the video teaser. The catch however, is that the teaser should give no resolution. This gives the audience an incentive to watch the final upcoming video to get answers to the questions poised in the video teaser. Voiceovers and visuals are great ways to lead into a larger story.

4. Provide Good Footage

Be creative. The goal of a video teaser is to lead into the final video. Footage does not have to be made fully from the final cut, nor does it have to be in the same chronological order. Nonetheless, it should relate to your overall story. 53% of consumers in the United States make purchasing decisions after watching a social video. Though the final video does not have to be extremely long, it should be longer than the teaser to keep your audience invested enough to buy your product or service.

5. Share and Get Views

Once the video teaser is up on social media, share it in an email newsletter, use engaging hashtags, and find video platforms such as Vimeo to increase the likelihood your teaser is watched through features like thumbnails and tags. It’s also a good idea to create multiple teasers if the timeline and budget allows to build up to the final video, but make sure to create a schedule that is reasonable to the final release date.

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