We Engineered a Brand to Build Loyalty

CASE STUDY SWANSON | Swanson Industries

Branding Campaign

Rapid growth brought growing pains for Swanson Industries, the worldwide machining and plating company headquartered in Morgantown, W.Va.  Diversification into steel, coal and construction equipment sectors resulted in a proliferation of company names and logos:  12 to be exact.  In 2005, as the company was preparing to enter the Asian market, the leaders turned to BlaineTurner Advertising to present a contemporary image in the global marketplace.  The result:  a new trademarked corporate symbol – a refreshed and redesigned version of the intertwined “S” graphic — and a straightforward presentation of the company’s core competencies in manufacturing, repair, distribution and remanufacturing.  Sales brochures, corporate Web site, Flash™ capabilities presentation, trade journal ads, and imprinted employee safety awards were expeditiously produced by the agency to meet tight deadlines.  The brand is protected by corporate graphic standards developed by the agency. To quote the Vice President and Marketing Directory, “BlaineTurner Advertising brought order to chaos!”


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